What Your Logo Needs

The most visual element of your brand identity is your logo. Many people will come in contact with it before they ever come in contact with you—so you want to make sure it makes a good impression.

So how do you do this?

Well, we’ll just call this my logo love list. A logo needs to be:

1. Memorable

It’s important to create a logo that is recognizable. Easy recognition goes a long way. With as many visuals as people are taking in from day to day, you want to make sure that your logo stands out.

2. Functional

You’ll definitely want a graphic that is simplified, so that it can be used in various formats and on different platforms (print, web, social media, etc..). If a logo is too complex or oddly shaped, it can become difficult to scale down or use easily with other materials.

3. Meaningful

Your logo should embody your company’s mission and vision. Everything from the colors, fonts and graphics should represent what you’re all about. A logo should not be designed in isolation but in light of the other elements that come together to form your brand. A helpful place to start is often your business plan. Pick out some adjectives to describe your company, product or service and how it should look and feel.

4. Fitting

There is a process to logo design. Choosing a quick-and-easy ready-made logo may seem like a good choice but you need a logo that fits your company—that takes research, strategy and conceptualization. Here’s an analogy to paint the picture: a bride needs to try on her wedding dress to see if it compliments her shape and matches the vision of her wedding. It has to be the right fit. In the same way, there may be other workable logos, but you’ll need a logo that makes sense to both your company and consumers.

A logo is really the heart of the brand. Once you’ve figured out your core messaging, vision/mission, personality, voice, tone, etc… use those elements to inform your logo design. That way you have a logo that is truly reflective of your company, service or product and something that your audience or consumers can connect with.

Written by Ieshia Kinney, Visual Designer

Written By SheWorks Austin

SheWorks Austin is a faith-based community of women entrepreneurs, business owners, and independent contractors who support each other to passionately pursue making a living doing what they love.

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