High cost of health insurance

Health insurance high costs are overwhelming with deductibles that measure up into the thousands it makes taking care of your health stressful. Let me help you save your out of pocket costs with better benefits and no calendar year deductible. As a small business owner/self-employed it will be a 100% tax write-off and for individuals & families depending on your tax situation. What you get is a PPO network with a 15-month rate lock and so much more! As my gift of gratitude, I pay a referral bonus of $100 per approved benefit plan, who do you know?

Marti Kirchem 512.850.1159 #OneHealthInsurance

Written By Marti Kirchem

Direct at 512.850.1159 or marti.kirchem@healthmarkets.com https://www.healthmarkets.com/local-health-insurance-agent/martikirchem/ Available nights and weekends at your service, and to personally build a health care plan exclusively for your health, wealth, and wellness needs. I service all individuals, families, small business owners and self-employed. Stay safe!

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